The Farming Fish

About Us The Farming Fish 01We work every day to ‘close the loop’ in farming.  By combining Aquaponics with Organic in-ground growing, we believe we can collectively make steps toward healing the lands that feed us and the natural ecosystems that support growing nutritious food.

The Farming Fish is a family farm situated on 40 Certified Organic acres in the beautiful Evans Valley near Rogue River, Oregon.  30 acres is wooded land with wild mushrooms, berries, lemon balm, ferns, miners lettuce and other native edibles.  We believe it is important to keep wild spaces wild and allow nature her own methods of diversity and production.  7 acres of pasture compliment 3 acres of vegetable row crops, a small orchard and Aquaponic production of Tilapia fish, as well as a variety of leafy greens and herbs.

Michael and Olivia work closely to build an ecological, educational and productive farm moving agriculture in a direction we are proud to pass on.

Michael Hasey

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Michael’s work in pond and lake management in San Diego, CA led him to research Aquaponics and to recognize his own techniques of vegetative filtration and bio-remediation as the key to sustainable agriculture. These same practices were being used in other applications to grow vegetables using exponentially less water, land and energy – much more efficiently than other common practices.

His belief in and understanding of Aquaponics and his desire to help change the trajectory of agriculture.  He then set out to build a commercial model of Aquaponics capable of teaching and leading the industry to higher production of higher quality crops using fewer resources.

With strengths and experience focused in aquaculture and plant husbandry, he leads with his esteem for nature and roots into his strong work ethic and logic.  Here at The Farming Fish, he aspires to build Aquaponics to it’s highest form.



Olivia Hittner


Olivia’s work in business management prepared her for the leap of a lifetime when she redirected her experience to Aquaponic farming. Upon Michael discovering Aquaponics for food production, both Michael and Olivia’s holistic understandings quickly shifted to opportunities to use their skills to advance this resource friendly, quality driven food system. They set out to build a life to share and to develop understandings that could help move all toward true sustainability.

The opportunity to contribute to a means that could help to heal the planet through changing the demand modern agriculture puts on the earth is what Olivia pursues here.

Olivia works to build understanding and appreciation of Organics and Aquaponics, as well as collaborate with the organic community, farmers and like minded people to progress quality food systems.